Our mission is to expand and diversify the economy throughout Richland and Wilkin County by retaining and recruiting jobs, growing strong and sustainable industry sectors, and promoting business competitiveness for Richland and Wilkin County. 


Our objective is to become the premier economic development organization in the Midwest through a customized sector-based client services program focused on business retention, expansion, and recruitment. Most of all, we are committed to being your go-to source for economic information on Wahpeton and Breckenridge, as well as all cities in Richland and Wilkin County.

Economic Vitality Action Plan

Objective 1: Grow Local Jobs – Help existing employers retain and expand jobs to improve economic vitality county-wide

In any community, most jobs are created locally. SVEDA will work with local employers to identify opportunities for growth, help increase the number of jobs in Richland and Wilkin County and foster a diverse and sustainable economy.


  • Collaborate with city, county, and state partners to identify and assist local companies with business retention & expansion opportunities and connecting them with strategic resources

Objective 2: Recruit New Businesses – Recruit growing companies, especially businesses that compliment current industries, industries that has a high growth forecast, and businesses that diversify our industry mix.  

SVEDA will work quickly and aggressively to respond to company and site selector requests and identify high-growth “gazelle” companies

Proactively market the region in collaboration with other economic development partners utilizing enhanced recruitment materials, website content, and social media platforms

  • Conduct recruiting missions and attend trade shows in collaboration with regional partners
  • Host and foster business development opportunities
  • Respond to requests for information from clients and partners timely and aggressively

Objective 3: Support Startups – Cultivate Richland and Wilkin County’s next generation of businesses and entrepreneurs

The creation of new businesses is another valuable way we can grow the economy of this region. To increase the chances of business success, SVEDA will support and promote a variety of opportunities for startup and entrepreneurial assistance. 


  • Work with individual entrepreneurs and connect them with strategic resources
  • Coordinate with other strategic partners to conduct group training workshops for entrepreneurs and startups
  • Partner with other agencies and organizations to reach target audiences, particularly in parts of Richland and Wilkin County that have been underserved by existing startup resources